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Faculty and Staff

The Department of Electrical Engineering faculty is composed of eighteen full-time instructors, including 2 professors,8 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, and 2 lecturers. Except 13members of our instructors have had professional service experiences in relevant industries, with 5 instructors holding technician certificates. The research specialties of the faculty can be roughly divided into four types: intelligent control, electric energy conversion, communication systems, and mathematics. In addition, in our Department Office, an assistant and a technician are responsible for helping with administrative stuff.



As of 2019, the E.E. Dept. has 18members of faculty, including 2 professors 8 associate professors,6 assistant professors, and 2 lecturers.





Research Interests 

Ji-Pyng Chiou Professor 29089899 Ext. 4804
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National Chung Cheng University Optimization of power system, Evolutionary Algorithms, Optimization of Differential-Algebra System, Modulation and demodulation of digital signal
Chia-Hao Ku Professor 29089899 Ext. 4835
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Wireless communication, Electromagnetic compatibility, RF active/passive element design
Chih-Ming Lin Associate Professor 29089899 Ext. 4806,4801
Ph.D., Electrical  and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University Power Systems, Smart Grid
Chi-Yao Wu Associate Professor 29089899 Ext. 4811
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Warwick Power Eletronic Design and Applications, Measurement and Control System
Ching-Hsiang Kuo Associate Professor 29089899 Ext. 4810
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University  Paris 7 Network Analysis, Electromagnetics, Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Engineering Mathematics, Telecommunication Engineering
Wen-Shing Tsai  Associate Professor 29089899 Ext. 4817
Ph.D., Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology Optical communication systems, Fiber optical CATV systems, Hybrid DWDM systems, Radio-on-Fiber systems
Sheng-Kung Wang  Associate Professor 29089899 Ext. 4812
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University Subsynchronous Resonance, Reactive Compensation, Power system stability, Economic Dispatch, Application of Optimization Algorithm
Ming-Hung Chen

Associate Professor chair of Electrical Engineering department

29089899 Ext.4820
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology power electronics, ac motor control, DSP-based control systems, new energy
Pao-Jen Wang Associate Professor 29089899 Ext. 4855
Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University Wireless Communication, Radio Channel Modeling and Measurement,  Image Processing
De-Rek Wang Assistant Professor 29089899 Ext. 4857
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Chang Gung University Precision Time Synchronization, Time-Varying Password
Chun-Ling Lin Associate Professor 29089899 Ext.4819
Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University Expert systems, Neural fuzzy systems, EG/ECG signal processing and Neuro-engineering
Chang-Jo Wu Lecturer 29089899 Ext. 4815
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Yuan Ze University IR Image process and electronics system design
Cong-Hui Chiou Lecturer 29089899 Ext. 4816
M.S., Institute of Aeronautics Astronautics, Chung Hua University Control , Avionics , Human-Computer Interaction
Wei-Yuan Chiang Assistant Professor 29089899 Ext. 4827
Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University. Microwave Physics and Engineering, Electromagnetism, Microwave Source, Microwave Processing of Advanced Material.
Chiung-An Chen Assistant Professor 29089899 Ext. 4813
Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University Digital Integrated Circuit Design, System on a Chip, Biomedical Circuit System,Data Compression
Kai-Jen Pai Assistant Professor 29089899 Ext. 4849
Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Power Electronics, Switching Power Supply, Battery Charger, and Lighting Driver  Data Compression

Yu-Hsiu Lin

Assistant Professor 29089899 Ext. 4829
Ph.D., National Taipei University of Technology

Internet of Things, fog-cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid technology.

Cheng-Ta Chuang

Assistant Professor 29089899 Ext. 4830

Ph.D., National Taiwan University

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Signal Processing.